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life line branches to fate line

If fate line has a branch to Jupiter mount, it indicates you could have charge not only in one job and you are going to be in position of power. (1.3). When the fate line is stopped by the line of head, it foretells that success will be destroyed by some stupidity or wrong decision of the person. Also in parallel you need to look at the life line, fate line and the heart line that will tell you about the principles. Upward branches indicate achievement and success and downward branches indicate poor physical and emotional health, money problems, feelings of sadness and loss. End in a Catastrophe. If the Line of Destiny or Line of Fate is observed with a branch on Mount of Venus and the other branches on Mount of Moon, then it denotes that your career may be full of passion and romance through which you may get success to persuade the entire Destiny or Fate. Double fate line is generally an indicator of artistic skill and versatility. This line gives success in financial matters. The life line gives insight into your health, vitality, energy levels, quality of life, sexual health and prosperity. Usually I have seen that most of these cases are love marriage. Marriage Line Color, Width and Depth: Deep colour : Better the relationship. It doesn't mean a short lifespan. The guardian angel line will be found right next to that line, running parallel to it. Life line merging with fate line. The native may start his/her career with service or job but when the right age of that line will come he/she will involve him/herself in business. Sun line in Palmistry. Reply Delete. I wish him all the best for further achievements in Palmistry . In many cases, the fate line acts as a life line to support the shift in the new direction. The fate line begins from the life line implies restriction in the early years. The deeper and more pronounced the line, the stronger these energies are. If the fate line is surrounded by the life line, it indicates the abuse of affection. Also, you can determine the fate of human reliability. Fig 19 The fate line stopped at the head line shows the cease of work by your own decision. 9. The more the Fate line is away from the Life Line the better it is provided it does not stop at the Head or Heart line. The younger will have to work hard to achieve what he or she has. A short life line shows you are susceptible to illness. They dedicate their time and energy to their job. Generally two Fate lines are supposedly observed in the hands of double income couples. Line of Fate touching Life Line near the bracelet-rascette lines, near the Venus :- Sacrificing own interest for the welfare of others. - If the heart line first fat and then thin - a man after 35-40 years recognizes mistakes and no longer betray. The fate line starting from the Mount of Venus (the portion of the palm surrounded by the life line at the base of the thumb) and ending at the heart line indicates a marriage with a noted or rich person. If your fate line begins at the bottom of your life line, that ' s a sign that you ' re very independent and that you ' ll have to take action to succeed. Branched life line – upward branches mean achievement and success whereas downward branches indicate bad emotional and physical health, feelings of sadness and money problems. The Line of Fate can be a difficult line to spot, and indeed not everyone even has a Fate Line. Without sun line, a person leads an ordinary life, without any name and fame. (Fig 18) STOPPED BY THE HEAD LINE. - A very straight and deep Line of Influence starling from an island cm the Mount of Venus cuts a star on the. Tagged branch of fate line touching head line, branches in fate line, fate line, hand reading, luck line, palm reading, palmistry, the line of fate, the line of luck Fate Line – Type 35 By admin 2 | February 25, 2013 - 12:32 pm | November 18, 2013 Fate Line Listed below are the meanings of the various shapes, depths and lengths of the heart line: At the age when Fate line starts getting away from Life line, that is the time which progress is made in the profession. A line that starts between the middle and index fingers indicates that you are quick to give away your love. However the line shoudn’t be too deep or too wide as it indicates a strain in the relationship and a dwindling of affection. If the Fate Line starts joined to the life line, it … Branches that moving up from the fate line is considered good while branches that moving down indicates difficulties (pic E). Absent line? Dan Farrell on Unsplash. A split life line. If the fate line starts from the life line and goes towards Saturn mount or middle finger so the will be a business man. Branches ( upward ) along the Fate Line represent promotions or benefits in job or business. Branched line? Besides, other people can easily influence or control you in life. The higher the line stars, the later in life the owner will follow a chosen direction. Projected Guilty Intrigue Threatened to. A short Life Line does not necessarily indicate a short life. If the line crosses the fate line, it can indicate the possibility of a relationship loss. 11. Lines of Head, Heart and Life should be long and clear and without any blemishes. Lines extending up and above the life line show an ability to recover from situations. When fate line starts from life line and ends straight to the heart line, then the person will go against their parents' will and earns a great wealth at that age of the life line. If the line of fate rise from the line of head, and that line be well marked, then success will be won late in life, after a hard struggle and through the talent of the person. For example, if someone travels abroad the change will be visible in both fate and lifeline. When a life line appears to have a split or break in it, look for sister lines on one or both sides of the line, these lines give support to an otherwise uncertain period. If the line is deep and clear, it means a person is honest and fair. Usually fate line indicates the luck of a person, but he can be lucky without a fate line, if he has a deep, straight and unbroken, uncut sun line. These are called Lines of Influence, and are the first introduction in this work to any factors outside of the subject themselves, forming a part of what is called their "environment". Line of fate is … If Life line is divided in to two branches in the end just like tongue of snake, it indicates that the fate of bearer will remain unstable throughout life. So, you usually have a lot of troubles with such a line. Some people’s lives do seem to be ‘fated’, for good or ill, but these days we tend to believe ‘you make your own luck’ and that a positive approach can change your destiny. These are branches of lifeline and transverse lines. If it is close to the Life Line then the stability comes only after the age of 35 or even 43. Moderately deep furrow : Indicates just a legal union or arranged by families; Marriage Line Malformation: Broken : Seperation, death or divorce The Sun line should be present. A thick and clear life line indicates that you are suited to a life of physical labor and are good at sports. His prosperity will favor him from 35 to 56 years. If your fate line is diverting and moving in another direction, this indicates that you decide to take another job or pursue a different career. 10. Double Fate line. If the Life line be deep and all other lines thin or nervous, the subject will go through life with less worry and fewer nervous spells, If the Life be thin and the other lines deep and well cut, the subject will be continually overstrained and health will surely suffer, for the thin Life line is not of sufficient size to carry the amount of Current which is flowing through the hand. The drug addicts or alcoholics, those who have lost the meaning of life, the destinies of little or no line. When a line continues actively after the break, it shows the usual flow of things is resumed, indicating a positive transition. Money and material things become a stimulus to life and often forget about a loved one. Luckily for you, you ' ve always been motivated and had great ideas, so it won ' t be too difficult to get the outcome you desire. Fig 20. Generally the Sun line starts at the base of the palm and ends on the Sun mount. Indicates a high-strung, anxious and nervous individual. Line of Life at 30 and ends at the Percussion of Mars after cutting a star at the connection of the Lines of the Head and the Sun. Vertical Line From Life Line Goes Towards Mount Of Jupiter :- Result: Successful life, fulfill of all wishes, success in abroad and ENT related issues. In some rare cases, there is the formation of the letter‘M’ in the palm due to the combination of the Head line,the Heart line and the Life line. In this post I will teach you about upward and downward lines on life line. If not, look for a bridge line (often very faint) that connects to the fate line. Life line may intersects with fate line in some hands. On the Mount of Venus and inside the Life line are a set of lines, some of which run parallel to the Life line and others which run across the Mount (277). Lines extending up and above your life line (see pic H) means you have the ability to recover from situations whereas lines that are extending below the line signify habitually wasting energy (see pic I). When there is more than one Fate line, it is believed to indicate earnings from more than one source [Fig 14]. It is an evolving line, so one needs to carefully look for changes in the line. Small lines cutting the fate line can also mean problems or difficulties. According to many palmists, fate line indicates luck or fortune of a person; he/she can be lucky without it if he/she has a deep, uncut, straight and unbroken sun line. It represents general well-being, physical health, and major life changes. Looking forward to the books on Hindu Signs and Fate line . In personality, you are a person of integrity and down to earth but a little timid. Each change depicts a different meaning related to travel. It means you could have more than one interest and you are likely to … If this type of vertical line cuts by bar line then it reduces the qualities of the vertical line. A line on the inside of the life line would show family support and on the outside from a non-related source. People having this kind of life line dies in foreign country. Wavy line can be seen on the liars and hypocrites. You are inclined to be infatuated with a married man or woman. In case of failure to find this purpose, their greatest goal will be their career. In such a case, that person may be said to look for a purpose of life. Arijit December 19, 2015 at 7:17 PM. [Fig 3 SS] If it is not the case, it can start as a branch from Fate line and should reach Sun mount. Life Line represents relationship with family and energy levels. Fate Line joined to Life Line in the beginning :- One is a self-made individual, aware of his goals in life. If the fate line ends under the mount of Jupiter and another branch from the fate line goes to the mount of mercury is a certain sign of extraordinary success and wealth.

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